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The Art of Aesthetics

At Bend Plastic Surgery, restoring your natural beauty is our core philosophy. And we believe your allure is timeless. Our team, led by the renowned Dr. Angeles, helps every patient reach their unique aesthetic goals. 


Through both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, we help you reinvigorate who you are. Whether you’re searching for quality facial rejuvenation services or exploring tasteful breast augmentation, lifts, or reductions, your beauty is our art. 


No matter your condition, impairment, injury, or abnormality, we can help restore who you are. Dr. Angeles uses his unique expertise and training to provide patients with full-body reconstructive options that make you feel brand-new again.   

bend plastic surgery

Serving Central Oregon since 2006, Bend Plastic Surgery strives to refine every patient’s natural beauty through cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive methods. By performing both surgical and non-surgical procedures, Dr. Angeles believes in producing aesthetic results that enhance your confidence, improve your health, and refine your beauty.

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