Best Hair Transplants in Oregon

If you’ve ever felt the confidence boost that comes with a good hair day, then you already know how hair affects the way we feel about ourselves. Unfortunately, as we age, hair can stop growing in areas, causing it to recede or thin. At Bend Plastic Surgery, we focus on restoring your hair’s natural appearance for undetectable results. By using a micrografting technique, we’re able to provide our patients with the best hair transplants in Oregon.

What Causes Hair Loss?

When it comes to hair loss, the conversation often leads to family genetics and luck. But there are plenty of other factors that contribute to hair loss. Some of them are hormonal or the result of medications or products that can have stressful effects on the scalp and hair. More chronic conditions, like alopecia or even traumatic injury, can cause hair loss from surgical scars. Whatever the reason for your hair loss, it’s not your fault.

Micrografts vs. Hair Plugs

Micrografts involve delicately relocating your hair and follicle to areas where your hair is visibly thinning. Micrografts are a trustworthy, FDA-approved hair transplant solution to restore your confidence. As a procedure, micrografting is lightyears ahead of its precursor—hair plugs. During a micrograft procedure, we relocate individual hair follicles instead of the large groupings associated with hair plugs.

This particular transplantation method borrows hair follicles from the thickest areas on your head and moves them to the areas you need it most. This leads to a natural look that’s virtually identical to the way your hair would normally grow. Even better, micrografts are a permanent solution to your hair loss. No more creams, growth serums, and complicated scalp treatments.

What Is Recovery Like for Hair Transplantation?

The beauty of this treatment is how minimally invasive it is. For example, there are no sutures, incisions, or damage to surrounding tissue. Instead, pneumatic pressure is used with a specialized wand that gently pulls follicles from the scalp and embeds them into the site outlined by the surgeon. There is no scarring and only slight red pinpricks on the hairline, which fade within about a week. The before and after hair transplant results are stunning.

Best Hair Transplants in Oregon with the Cosmetic Clinic at Bend Plastic Surgery

Rejuvenate your natural aesthetic and come in for a free consultation for the best hair transplants in Oregon at Bend Plastic Surgery. This safe and effective solution will help you with your permanent hair growth goals. Dr. Angeles and the Bend Plastic Surgery team are here to answer any questions that arise as you anticipate a fuller, thicker head of hair once again.