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Body Lift

BODY LIFT: Elevating Confidence and Contour

A body lift stands as a transformative procedure that goes beyond mere fat removal, focusing on enhancing the underlying tissue supporting skin and fat. This comprehensive approach addresses conditions stemming from reduced tissue elasticity, ensuring a holistic improvement in your overall appearance.

Consider a lift for several key areas:

  1. Abdomen, Sides, and Lower Back: Tackle excess skin and fat in these core regions for a sculpted midsection.
  2. Groin: Address sagging skin and fat in the groin area for a harmonious body contour.
  3. Thigh: Achieve toned and firm thighs by removing excess sagging skin and fat.
  4. Buttocks: Lift and reshape the buttocks, enhancing their overall appearance.

However, lifts are not confined to removing excess fat. In cases where skin elasticity is compromised, a strategic combination of liposuction and lift techniques becomes pivotal. As a potential candidate for a body lift, various conditions may prompt consideration:

  1. Extreme Weight Loss: If you’ve undergone significant weight loss, resulting in excess skin, a body lift could be the transformative solution you seek.
  2. Cellulite Concerns: Lifts address cellulite issues, providing a comprehensive approach to improving skin texture and appearance.
  3. Post-Pregnancy or Aging Effects: Loose and sagging skin, whether from pregnancy or aging, can be effectively treated with a body lift, restoring a more youthful and contoured silhouette.
  4. Mobility Restrictions: Excess skin that hinders mobility or leads to painful chafing and rashes can be alleviated through a body lift, enhancing both comfort and movement.

At Bend Plastic Surgery, we prioritize comprehensive treatment plans tailored to your unique needs. Dr. Angeles and our expert team engage in thorough discussions to determine the most suitable approach, ensuring a lift aligns with your goals and expectations.

Embark on Your Transformation:

For further insights into our transformative procedures, connect with Dr. Angeles and the Bend Plastic Surgery team. Discover how a lift can elevate your confidence, redefine your contours, and provide a holistic enhancement for a renewed sense of well-being. Transform not just your appearance but your entire outlook on life through the possibilities of a body lift.


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