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Chemical Peels

Illuminating Radiance

Embark on a journey to luminous skin with non-invasive chemical peels offered by Bend Plastic Surgery. Designed to combat dullness and hyperpigmentation, these transformative treatments exfoliate dead or sluggish skin cells, revealing a revitalized complexion tailored to your specific goals.

Peels Unveiled:

Dull and Hyperpigmented Skin: If your skin feels lackluster and is plagued by uneven pigmentation, a chemical peel emerges as the ideal solution. This non-invasive procedure effectively targets dullness, peeling away dead or sluggish skin cells to uncover the radiant layers beneath. At Bend Plastic Surgery, we specialize in identifying the right chemical peels that align with your unique needs.

Considerations for Chemical Peels:

  1. Mild Acne Scarring: Bid farewell to the remnants of acne with peels that address mild scarring. The exfoliating properties of the peel contribute to the reduction of scarring, promoting a smoother and clearer skin texture.
  2. Rough Texture: If your skin texture feels rough and uneven, these peels offer a transformative remedy. By promoting cellular turnover, these peels effectively smooth the skin’s surface, leaving you with a velvety and refined complexion.
  3. Desire for Smoother Skin: Indulge in the desire for a smoother skin complexion with our peels that prioritize your aesthetic goals. Bend Plastic Surgery’s expertise lies in customizing peel treatments, ensuring you achieve the desired level of smoothness and radiance.

Unlock the Potential of Chemical Peels:

Choosing our peels at Bend Plastic Surgery signifies a commitment to illuminating radiance. Dr. Angeles and our experienced team guide you through the process, tailoring the treatment to your unique skin concerns and aspirations.

Revel in a Radiant Transformation:

For detailed insights into our chemical peels and their transformative benefits, connect with Dr. Angeles and the Bend Plastic Surgery team. Experience the confidence and radiance that come with unlocking the potential of chemical peels, creating a harmonious balance between your skin goals and the expertise of our team. Transform your skin into a luminous canvas, reflective of your inner vibrancy and beauty.


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