ear reshaping or ear reconstruction
ear reshaping or ear reconstruction

Ear Reshaping

Achieving Facial Harmony through Artful Precision

Ear reshaping is a nuanced art at Bend Plastic Surgery, where our expert surgeons specialize in refining the contours and shapes of ears. Our comprehensive approach to reshaping aims to enhance both aesthetic appeal and facial balance, ensuring your ears become a seamless part of your overall facial aesthetics.

Considerations for reshaping:

  1. Undesirable Ear Shape or Size: If you find yourself dissatisfied with your ear’s natural form, our skilled surgeons can perform reshaping to subtly enhance its appearance, ensuring a harmonious blend with your unique facial features.
  2. Disfigured Ears Due to Trauma: Traumatic events can often alter the natural shapes of ears. Our dedicated reshaping services address post-traumatic disfigurements with meticulous precision, restoring the natural contour and aesthetic appeal of your ears.
  3. Congenital Deformity: Individuals born with congenital ear deformities can benefit from our specialized reshaping procedures. Tailored to correct these deformities, our approach fosters symmetry, creating a more aesthetically pleasing and balanced ear structure.

Experience the Precision and Expertise of Ear Reshaping:

Our commitment to facial harmony and artful precision defines your experience at Bend Plastic Surgery. Whether you seek subtle adjustments or transformative changes, our personalized reshaping solutions cater to your unique aesthetic goals, ensuring your ears complement the natural beauty of your face seamlessly.

Embark on the Transformative Journey:

For those contemplating the transformative journey of ear reshaping, Dr. Angeles and the Bend Plastic Surgery team stand ready to guide you through the process. Contact us for detailed information, and discover how our expertise can elevate the natural beauty of your ears, achieving the perfect harmony you desire.

We feel confident we can work with you to achieve exactly what you want, reach out today!


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