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Image Pro® SUNLITE

Protecting your skin — and keeping it healthy — plays a key role in your well-being. That’s why it’s important to get your skin checked out periodically, especially if you suffer from an existing skin condition. At Bend Plastic Surgery, we use the Image Pro® SUNLITE skin imaging system to ensure no skin condition goes undetected, the industry’s best and most advanced skin analysis system.

Why the Image Pro® SUNLITE Works

This powerful UV light captures the depth, texture, and grain of your skin, so you get the appropriate treatments or follow-up procedures needed to improve your skin’s health. The Image Pro® SUNLITE accurately diagnoses skin conditions because it boosts industry-best specs such as:

  • Microscope-like zooming capabilities at 9,280 x 13,920 megapixels — the highest resolution in the industry!
  • Only imaging system that features dual light sources: zeon flash lamps and LED.
  • Zeon flashlamps closely follow the sun’s color spectrum while LED lamps provide 385 nanometer light for superior UV images.

How you can benefit from the Image Pro® SUNLITE

The Image Pro® SUNLITE uses high-resolution 3D technology and numerous wavelengths of visible light to take images of your skin. In addition to seeing with your own two eyes the condition of your skin, other benefits of the Image Pro® SUNLITE include:

  • Insights you deserve. The Image Pro® SUNLITE features a camera with powerful magnification and different wavelengths, ensuring that every skin imperfection or condition is detected.
  • Safe and sanitary. Self-cleaning technology effectively and quickly sanitizes the camera and imaging surface (99.9% in 20 seconds).
  • Action plans tailored to your needs. After each consultation, the Image Pro® SUNLITE prints out a customizable action plan that outlines treatments and procedures to improve your skin.
  • Monitor progress every session. This system uses smart artificial intelligence (AI) facial recognition to personally welcome you back and illustrate your skin’s improvement

For more information about the Image Pro SUNLITE, reach out to Dr. Angeles and the Bend Plastic Surgery team.


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