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Neck Lift

NECK LIFT: Rediscovering Youthful Elegance

Dr. Angeles, a renowned expert in lower rhytidectomy, introduces the transformative neck lift procedure at Bend Plastic Surgery. This sophisticated intervention targets the signs of aging around the chin, jowls, and the collar region, promising to unveil timeless beauty through the careful removal of excess skin and strategic muscle tightening.

A Neck Lift Unveiled:

Sagging Jowls: If you’ve noticed the impact of sagging jowls on your facial contours, a lift offers a personalized solution. Dr. Angeles’s expertise ensures a nuanced and natural restoration of firmness to the lower face, contributing to a more youthful appearance.

Creased Necklines: Bid farewell to creased necklines with the neck lift procedure. This rejuvenating intervention smoothens and revitalizes the delicate skin on your neck, erasing the telltale signs of aging and contributing to a more vibrant and refreshed aesthetic.

Hidden Jawline Revealed: Rediscover your hidden jawline as the neck lift unveils and enhances this defining feature. The procedure is designed to accentuate and sculpt the jawline, resulting in a more balanced and elegant profile.

Excess Skin Refinement: The neck lift effectively eliminates excess skin, sculpting and refining the contours of your neck. Dr. Angeles’s precision ensures a harmonious and natural-looking outcome, restoring a youthful appearance without compromising authenticity.

Embarking on the Personalized Journey of Neck Rejuvenation:

Dr. Angeles and the dedicated Bend Plastic Surgery team invite you to embark on a transformative journey toward neck rejuvenation. This comprehensive approach prioritizes your unique aesthetic goals, ensuring a customized experience that aligns with your vision of timeless beauty.

Contact us for In-Depth Information:

For an in-depth understanding of the neck lift procedure and to explore how Dr. Angeles’s artistry and expertise can revitalize your appearance, contact Bend Plastic Surgery. Discover the personalized care and transformative possibilities that await, as you redefine and unveil the timeless beauty of your neck and jawline. Transform the signs of aging and embrace a rejuvenated, youthful elegance.


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