The Nonsurgical Cosmetic Procedures You Need This Spring

It’s been a few weeks of cold weather and cloudy, overcast skies, even with spring approaching. And, along with the snow, the cold, dry weathesr in Central Oregon brings dry, flaky, dull skin. Fortunately, at The Cosmetic Clinic at Bend Plastic Surgery, we offer many nonsurgical cosmetic procedures to help reinvigorate your skin and help you get your glow back.

Hydrafacials Help Rejuvenate Dry Skin

Cold wind pulls all the moisture from your skin, creating painful cracks and irritated flakes, not to mention a dull complexion. Hydrafacials are the perfect solution. This nonsurgical cosmetic procedure is a quick and efficient way to help restore your skin’s natural plump and shine. It will also help combat the irritating effects of colder climates.

Hydrafacials are a multi-step cleansing and exfoliating procedure. Using the Hydrafacial MD’s patented technology, we clean your skin to remove dead skin and debris. Then, a non-irritating mixture of salicylic and glycolic acid is flushed over your skin to help exfoliate and clear pores. After that, we use vortex suction to extract debris and dirt deep within pores to ensure a thorough cleaning. In the final step, we deliver peptides and hyaluronic acid deep into the skin to soothe and restore your moisture barrier.

The final result is bright, plump, and glowing skin, free from irritation and ready to withstand a few more weeks of cold. This procedure is perfect for anyone looking to get an instant glow.

Chemical Peels Exfoliate to Unveil Younger-Looking Skin

Right now is a great time to address some of the damage caused by the summer months. There’s no better place to start than chemical peels to help even out skin tone from hyperpigmentation and sunspots.

Chemical peels are a powerful tool in any skincare arsenal. Depending on your skin type and particular skin concerns, we can use salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or lactic acid. These help exfoliate dead skin cells and reveal more youthful skin underneath.

Not only do peels help even out your skin tone, but, they also help your skincare serums and lotions penetrate deeper. Spring is a perfect time to get this treatment done since you’ll already be spending time inside and away from the sun—which

is recommended after the treatment.

Revive Your Skin This Spring at Bend Plastic Surgery’s Cosmetic Clinic

Whether you’re looking to recover from the summer sun or simply hoping to help your skin stay glowing, The Cosmetic Clinic is here to help. Our experienced team of technicians can help you find the proper nonsurgical cosmetic procedures to start 2022 with glowing skin and renewed confidence.

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