Dr. Angeles uses his unique expertise and training to provide patients with full-body reconstructive surgery options that restore their self-confidence and help them feel at home in their own skin again. Whether it’s treating injuries caused by physical trauma or providing solutions for hereditary conditions, Bend Plastic Surgery is here to help.


Ear Reconstruction

Ear shape and contour is an essential part of our facial aesthetic. In many instances, simple reshaping of the ear contour can have dramatic that results in a much more aesthetically appealing ear shape and appearance. Bend Plastic Surgery provides patients with ear reshaping services that deliver them with the aesthetics they deserve.


Upper Eyelid Lift

Eyelid lift surgery improves the appearance of sagging eyelids. As people age, eyelids will stretch, and the muscles supporting them weaken. This procedure provides a rejuvenated appearance to the area surrounding your eyes, making you look more rested and alert.


Breast Reconstruction

Using the latest reconstruction techniques, Dr. Angeles helps patients with the overall appearance of their breasts. Dr. Angeles is a pioneer in developing the use of acellular dermal matrix in breast and body reconstruction.


Breast Reduction

Dr. Angeles performs many different types of breast reduction surgeries for a wide variety of patients. The surgery can significantly ease the discomfort of patients and improve the proportionality of the breast to the body. Other benefits include improving the patient’s self-image and the ability to participate in activites.


Breast Implant Removal

We do not consider breast implants to be a lifetime device, as it is sometimes necessary to remove the implant through its surrounding scar. At times, implants may be removed and not replaced.


Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

Dr. Angeles uses the latest surgical techniques and materials to perform advanced abdominal wall reconstruction for patients with abdominal wall defects. The conditions include hernias and abdominal wall weaknesses.



A panniculectomy may be considered a mini tummy tuck but is primarily used to alleviate rashes and excess skin at the waistline. These conditions are typically untreatable by nonsurgical means.


Post Bariatric Surgery

Dr. Angeles has had extensive training in post-bariatric surgeries. During this procedure, we will remove excess skin and tissue that are results from massive weight loss.


Wound & Burn Care

Dr. Angeles has had extensive training in both adult and pediatric wounds and burn care. His area research was in wound healing and repair.


Scar Reduction

Bend Plastic Surgery uses a multimodal approach to best treat your scars and help fade them away. Dr. Angeles has extensive training in wound healing and scar prevention.


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