There are many different types of injections on the market today. From Restylane to Juvederm to Radiesse—everyone has their favorites. But if you’re looking to try something different at Bend Plastic Surgery, we’re officially adding a new semi-permanent filler to our arsenal: Sculptra. Sculptra is one of the best injectables on the market because it helps reverse aging by restoring skin from the inside out. With the right treatment plan, Sculptra can help restart collagen production and restore your skin’s youthful appearance, leaving long-lasting results.

How Does Sculptra Work?

As you age, collagen production slows and the structure of your deep skin layers begins to break down. This loss of volume contributes to those deeper wrinkles around the mouth and chin, including “smile lines” below your cheeks and “laugh lines” around your mouth. 

Sculptra is an injectable made up of polylactic acid. This non-toxic, biocompatible substance acts as a catalyst for your deep skin tissue. It helps to restore volume and increases your body’s natural collagen production. Repeated treatments create long-lasting results that improve your skin’s elasticity, volume, texture, and glow. 

How is Sculptra Different From Other Injectables?

If pesky smile lines or a lack of volume in the cheeks and chin have been bothering you, dermal fillers can help. But Sculptra is uniquely beneficial for a few reasons. 

For starters, it works with your body’s natural system to slowly build up collagen over time. So while other semi-permanent fillers make it more obvious you’ve had cosmetic procedures done, Sculptra is an excellent option for those looking for subtle enhancements and a more natural look. 

Sculptra is also particularly beneficial because it addresses the root causes of wrinkles, thinning skin, and loss of natural volume. All fillers address the outward signs of aging, but only Sculptra works to restore skin from the inside out. 

When Will You See Results and How Long Do They Last? 

It’s important to note that Sculptra is not an instant gratification treatment. In the first few days following your injection, you may notice immediate plumping. But those results will likely fade in a few days as your body absorbs the excess water mixed with the polylactic acid. 

The real magic happens in the weeks following treatments. Your body absorbs the polylactic acid and uses it to rebuild lost collagen and fill in low-volume areas. The process doesn’t happen overnight, so multiple treatments are recommended to trigger new collagen production repeatedly.  

With the right treatment plan, results are typically noticeable after the second or third treatment and can last up to a few years. After that, regular maintenance can help to restart collagen production and maintain your look. Because of its slow, long-lasting results, Sculptra works great on its own or in combination with other fast-acting dermal fillers.

Try Out Sculptra at Bend Plastic Surgery

Want to try out this new treatment? At the Bend Plastic Surgery Cosmetic Clinic, you can achieve a fuller, more youthful appearance with the help of our experienced clinicians. Together we can find the best treatment plan to address your concerns. So whether you try Sculptra on its own or a combination of different fillers, we can help you bring out the best of your skin.

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