A medical spa might be different from the zen space you go to get a relaxing massage. But it’s equally as wonderful! While many beauty spas provide facials and manicures, they don’t offer medical-grade aesthetic services supervised by a licensed doctor. Trusting your care to a board-certified plastic surgeon is the first step to finding a reputable medical spa. But what is a medical spa exactly? Here’s what to look for in a trustworthy medical spa.

What to Look for in a Medical Spa

When it comes to choosing a medical spa, finding an environment where you feel comfortable is the first place to start. Check out some recent online reviews or consider signing up for a consultation to see the clinic in person. You should also make sure that the medical spa’s care providers have the right credentials. Treatments like injectables require a doctor or nurse practitioner who is certified in aesthetic medicine. And when in doubt, always check with your care team of doctors about any treatments beforehand.

Essential Services a Medical Spa Provides

Medical spas provide clinical-grade beauty treatments to improve the health and appearance of your skin, hair, face, or body. For example, medical spas provide skin treatments to address aging concerns—from dermal fillers like Juvéderm to wrinkle relaxers like Botox.

Other essential services include:

  • Laser skin resurfacing
  • Microneedling
  • Body contouring
  • Hair removal
  • And other non-invasive cosmetic treatments

Choose the Right Season for Your Medical Spa Treatment

Choosing the right season for your treatment is almost as important as choosing the right clinic. At the onset of swimsuit season, demand surges for summer treatments like hair removal and body contouring. Winter, on the other hand, is popular for light-based treatments like laser skin resurfacing or chemical peels. It’s important after a chemical peel not to expose the skin to too much light, making recovery times more achievable in the darker months of the year. Treatments like wrinkle relaxers or dermal fillers are popular to get at any time of year. If you’re not sure about when to schedule your preferred treatment, our team can help! During your initial consultation we’ll discuss your options and long term goals to establish a treatment plan.

How Bend Plastic Surgery’s Cosmetic Clinic Is Different From Other Medical Spas

Here at Bend Plastic Surgery Cosmetic Clinic, we’re known for premier work and excellent results. Check out our before and after page for results that speak for themselves! As a dual medical spa and plastic surgery center, we address our patients’ highest priority concerns, whether they are preventive or corrective. Navigating the world of medical spas can feel intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be with a team of approachable and experienced medical professionals.

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